Laura Kyntölä

Laura is SAKKI's Expert on Social Policy, and within the VET Student Survey she is responsible for the project's coordination and communications. Laura is a Master of Social Sciences who likes doing research in her spare time, dreams of having her own cat and doesn't believe in trousers. She secretly likes listening to italodisco.

tel. 050 412 8949

Elina Lavikainen

Elina works as Development Manager at Otus and is in charge of the VET Student Survey's data collection and research cooperation. Elina has a degree in political science and is currently working towards a Specialist Qualification in Management at a vocational school. Elina, who loves music in general and Sigur Rós in particular, goes to a lot of concerts, takes photos and dreams of beaches by the sea.

tel: 050 365 8944

The technical execution of the study is carried out by

Janne Mikkonen

Research Associate OTUS (Contents of the study)
tel. 0441234567,

Tuukka Salminen

Research Assistant OTUS (Contents of the study)
tel. 0441234567,